How Do I Change the Text of My Buy Now Button?

There isn't an option in Exchange that allows you to change the text of the Buy Now button. If you want to change this and feel comfortable doing so, you can add the following code to the bottom of your child theme's functions.php (before the closing ?> if there is one):

function my_translated_text_strings( $translated_text, $untranslated_text, $domain ) {
    $translated_text = $untranslated_text;
    if ( 'LION' === $domain || 'it-l10n-ithemes-exchange' === $domain ) {
        switch ( $untranslated_text ) {
            case 'Buy Now' :
                $translated_text = 'Subscribe';
    return $translated_text;
add_filter( 'gettext', 'my_translated_text_strings', 10, 3 );
add_filter( 'ngettext', 'my_translated_text_strings', 10, 3 );

Note:  This will change the text for all of your Buy Now buttons.

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