Umbrella Memberships

The Umbrella Memberships add-on is included in and can only be used with the Membership add-on.  

Setting Up Umbrella Memberships

Initial Setup

To setup the add-on, you'll want to visit the Exchange Add-ons submenu, and press on the gear icon next to the Umbrella Memberships add-on.




Umbrella Memberships comes with smart defaults, so if you are in a rush you can stop right here. If you'd like to customize the member notification emails read on.

Notification Emails




There are four emails Umbrella Memberships sends out: Invitation Email, Invitation & New User Email, Removed Email, and Expired Email. The default emails provide a great starting point for your own customized emails. We highly recommend reading through them to get an idea of what is possible.

Inserting template tags is done by pressing the Insert Template Tag button, selecting a template tag, and then pressing the insert tag. The following template tags are made available across all four emails.

Template Tags

  • {shop_name} – Returns the name of your company as specified in Exchange's general settings
  • {username} – Returns the username of the recipient
  • {user_email} – Returns the email address of the recipient
  • {first_name} – Returns the first name of the recipient
  • {last_name} – Returns the last name of the recipient
  • {login_url} – Returns the URL to Exchange's login page
  • {profile_url} – Returns the URL to the recipient's Exchange profile page
  • {membership_name} – Returns the name of the membership the recipient is subscribed to
  • {membership_url} – Returns the URL to the membership product page in your store
  • {payer_first_name} – Returns the first name of the person paying for the Umbrella Membership
  • {payer_last_name} – Returns the last name of the person paying for the Umbrella Membership
  • {payer_username} – Returns the username of the person paying for the Umbrella Membership
  • {payer_email} – Returns the email address of the person paying for the membership

Invitation Email

The invitation email is sent whenever an existing user of your website is invited to an Umbrella Membership. This email template also supports an additional template tag,{membership_dashboard_url} which returns the URL to the membership dashboard in the account area. This shows the content the member now has access to via their Umbrella Membership.

Invitation & New User Email

The invitation & new user email is sent whenever a new user is invited to an Umbrella Membership. This means that the user likely is not very familiar with your website or service, and you should take a few minutes to explain what you are all about. This email template also supports two additional template tags:{membership_dashboard_url}, which functions identically to the Invitation Email and {password}, which returns the auto-generated password for the new user.

Removed Email

The removed email is sent to members when they are removed from an Umbrella Membership. Members are removed from a membership when either they are removed by their group leader, or the original purchase's transaction is permanently deleted.

Expired Email

The expired email is sent to members when access to their membership has expired. This is typically due to a lapse of payment by the group leader. This can happen when the recurring payment is canceled by the payment gateway of your choice, we recommend Stripe. Or if the purchasing transaction is no longer cleared for delivery, i.e. if the payment status has been voided or revoked, or if a full refund has been processed.

Creating an Umbrella Membership Product

Creating an Umbrella Membership is very simple. Once you've created your Membership product in Exchange, you just need to enable Umbrella Memberships.




Umbrella Memberships can be enabled by ticking the checkbox in the Umbrella Memberships product feature. That's it! Umbrella Memberships does integrate with other parts of Exchange to provide more advanced functionality.

Quantity Discounts

The Quantity Discounts add-on by iThemes allows you to provide discounts the more seats a customer purchases. View the image below for an example of how we've setup Quantity Discounts in our demo environment.




Maximum Seats

If you'd like to limit the number of seats a customer can purchase, this can be done using the Purchase Quantity product feature. View the image below for an example of how we've setup Purchase Quantity in our demo environment. At this time, setting a max Purchase Quantity won't prevent a customer from purchasing multiple memberships to exceed the limit set in the Purchase Quantity settings. This is a feature we are actively working on and hope to release it in the not-to-distant future.




Purchasing and Managing an Umbrella Membership

Purchasing an Umbrella Membership is the same as purchasing any other Exchange product. The only important thing to remember is to set the purchase quantity. If only one membership is purchased, then the membership won't be treated as an umbrella membership for that customer.




After the membership product is purchased, navigate to the membership dashboard. This can be done by either going to your Exchange account area or clicking the View available content link in the purchase confirmation.




The membership dashboard will display the:

Membership welcome message, if any The number of seats taken, and the number of seats purchased A drop-down list of the group members And a list of the membership content accessible via this membership




Clicking the downward facing triangle next to the Members heading will reveal the members list. This is where the group leader can add and remove members from their membership. By default, the list is paginated every 20 members. For the purposes of this demo, we've overwritten that value to every 5 members. This can be done via the itegms_membership_dashboard_members_list_per_page filter. The list is cycled through by pressing the button corresponding to the desired page's number. This is done in Javascript and doesn't require reloading the entire page.




To add a member, simply input their name and email address in the first available field. More than one member can be added at a time, across any number of pages. Pressing the Save Members button is required.

If this is a new email address, the member's name will become their username on the website, and they will have a password emailed to them. If a user already exists with that name, the plugin will automatically append a number to their username until a unique username is found.

If the email address already exists in the system, the member will be sent an invitation email, and the name provided by the group leader will not overwrite the existing user's name.




Removing a member is as simple as pressing the x icon next to their name. This will remove their name and email address from the list. Don't worry about messing up the order, Umbrella Memberships will reorganize the list automatically when the list is saved. Again, pressing the Save Members button is required.




Changing the Number of Seats in an Umbrella Membership

Umbrella Memberships provides two ways to adjust the number of seats a customer has available to them, and we are working on a third.

Let's say your customer has purchased a membership with ten seats for their ten team members. Recently, they've added four new members to their team, and they'd like to add them to their umbrella membership. They can accomplish this goal in two ways.

1.) Purchase another membership plan with four seats. They will still be able to manage all fourteen of their seats from one interface.

2.) Purchase a new larger membership plan with all fourteen seats, and then cancel their existing plan. A user can cancel their membership by clicking on the Cancel this subscription link on their Account purchases page. When the existing membership is canceled, all of the members will be transferred over to the new membership in the background.

We are working on adding support for members to be able to purchase additional seats, and have it tacked onto their existing membership plan as a prorated charge. Support for this will initially be limited to the Stripe and PayPal payment gateways.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've removed a member from my umbrella membership, but they still have access to protected content.

Don't worry, this is normal. Exchange regenerates a members access information every four hours. If a member still has access to protected content after four hours, please contact support.

What payment gateways do you recommend?

We recommend using Stripe or PayPal. These are the payment gateways that we currently have the tightest integration with, and they will be the first to receive payment gateway specific features. However, all Exchange payment gateways should work as expected.

Why does it take so long to save new members?

When the members are added or removed from an umbrella memberships, they are notified about this via email. If you are experiencing slow saves, we recommend using a transactional email service like Mandrill. Alternatively, try adding and removing fewer members at a time.

What's coming next?

We're always working on making Umbrella Memberships better. Here is what we currently have planned.

  • Support for CSV imports
  • Allow for prorating charges when adding more seats to a membership
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