Reports (Pro)

How to Schedule and Email Maintenance Reports to Clients with Sync

To take advantage of Sync’s Reports, you’ll need to have an active Sync Pro account.

1. Log in to Your Sync Dashboard. In the left menu, locate the “Reports” menu item.


2. Click the Reports menu item. If you haven’t already, Sync will ask you to set up your whitelabeling settings for your report emails, so click Configure Whitelabeling.


3. On the Whitelabeling screen, you’ll be asked to fill out a few basic settings to be displayed in your report emails, like your Company Name, Default Message and Footer Information.


On the right side, Sync gives you an example email. The Default Message will display at the top of all report emails, so you might want to use something like this:

Another month passed and your website is running smoothly! For your convenience, here is a report of just a few of the things we did for your monthly website maintenance plan.

Once you have your Whitelabeling settings finished up, click Save.

4. Next up, you’ll see the Reports page. Click the Schedule Report Button.


5. On the next screen, you can fill in all the details for your scheduled report. The Begin Schedule Date is the date when the first report will run. You can also select the Time the report will run (in 15 minute intervals), as well as the interval the schedule should repeat (none, daily, weekly or monthly.)


6. If you’d like to automatically email the report at the scheduled report time run, select the Email Report? checkbox.


7. In the next section, you can complete the details for the email that will deliver the scheduled report email. Add the email address, whether or not you’d like to be sent a copy and your email subject.


Note: the Message to Client is specific to this scheduled report email, so you might want to personalize it a bit more (with the understanding it will continue to run each month) with something like this:

As you can see in the report below, we kept your site up to date this month with updates to WordPress core, plugins and themes. Thanks for your business!

8. Click Create Schedule to start running the schedule. You’ll now see the scheduled report in your list of reports.


9. The scheduled report will run on the date you selected in the Begin Schedule Date, as well as send the report email. Here’s an example of how that report will look in your client’s inbox.


When your client clicks the View Monthly Maintenance Report button, they’ll see their website maintenance report which includes all the actions taken to update their site with Sync.

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