The My Stash page is only available to users with an active Stash account. 


In the top right of the page you can see how much of your available space you have used and how much you have left.

The My Stash page holds all of your Stash file data. This includes a list of all sites that have files stored in stash, as well as a list of each file stored. In that list you can see how much storage each site is using up, as well as data about each file stored.


Stash Files

The list of Stash files gives you a handful of information about each file. Including

  • Upload Date with a link to download the file
  • File size
  • Backup Type (will show either Db for database for Full for complete backup)
  • Ability to delete the file from stash.


Site Storage Usage

You may be concerned with knowing which of your sites is taking up the most of your used space. For this reason we added a little pie chart showing the total amount of space used by the site compared to the total amount of storage used overall. So to the right side of each site listing, you'll see this area. The pie chart is percentage of space used.


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