BackupBuddy + Sync Integration

How to Schedule a Backup in Sync

1. Update to BackupBuddy, you need version 5.0 or higher. You can do this right from the Sync Dashboard.

You can also update to BackupBuddy from within your WordPress dashboard or by downloading the latest file from your iThemes Member Panel.

2. From the Sync dashboard, click on any site in the list to display the Site Detail page. In the site detail view, lick the BackupBuddy tab.

3. From the BackupBuddy page in Sync, you’ll see a new Schedules section. Click +Add New.

4. Add your new backup schedule’s title, profile (default: Complete or Database Only) and your backup interval.

5. Next, select your backup destination (these are the remote destinations already configured from within BackupBuddy).

6. Last, select whether to Delete After Sending and to Enable Schedule Now. Confirm your backup schedule details and click Add Schedule.

7. Sync will go to work adding your backup schedule.

That’s it! You’ll now see your new backup schedule listed in the Schedules section.

Downloading ImportBuddy from Sync

Visit any individual site and click the BackupBuddy tab. From here, you can see your latest backup file and a new link to download the ImportBuddy.php script.


Resetting Your ImportBuddy Password with Sync

When you download the ImportBuddy.php file, you’re also given the option to enter a new ImportBuddy password.

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