Add Sites with One Click, Email Notifications and Ignore Update Option

Add Sites to Sync with One Click

Managing your WordPress sites with Sync just got even easier. Before this update, you had to manually download the Sync plugin, upload it to your WordPress site and then add your Sync credentials to get started.

Now you can start Syncing your sites with just one click.

If you’re new to Sync, you’ll see a new welcome page where you can add your site address, admin username and password. Click Add Site. Yep, that’s it!

For current Sync users, you’ll see a new + Add Site button on the home screen of the Sync dashboard. Click + Add Site.

Then, just enter your site address, WordPress username and WordPress admin password.

Sync will check to see if the Sync plugin is already installed on your site. If Sync finds that the plugin isn’t currently installed, it will automatically install it and then activate, license and authenticate the site.

Weekly Email Notifications

Sync now offers weekly email updates for your Synced sites. This update email includes a summary of available updates so you can always know if your sites are running the latest versions of their plugins, themes and WordPress core.

Here’s an example email:

Don’t want email updates? No problem. You can change your email preferences from the Sync dashboard by visiting the Notifications menu item. Just uncheck the box next to “Yes, please send me a weekly update email.”

Ignore Updates Option

If you’ve made customizations to themes or plugins that could be broken by a version update, you now have the option to ignore updates.

To start using this option, visit the Manage Themes or Manage Plugins tabs from the individual site view. You’ll see the option to update or Ignore next to any theme or plugin that has an available update.

Click Ignore. Sync will check one more time to confirm.

f you ever change your mind, you can click the Unignore link to reverse back and display the available update.

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