One Click

Summary Bar in the Sync Dashboard

If you log in to the Sync dashboard today, you’ll see the Update Summary Bar at the top of your screen. This section provides a quick overview of the number of updates available across all your synced sites for WordPress core, plugins and themes.

Click the “View Updates” button under any of the sections to view more details.

Click One Button to Do All Your WordPress Updates at Once

To globally update all your available updates from Sync, click the “View Updates” button under the “All Updates” section in the Update Summary Bar.

You’ll be taken to a new view that will give you a summary of all available updates (WordPress core, plugins and themes). By default, all of the updates will be selected. Then click the “Update Selected” button to update them all. Sync will go to work running all available updates for your synced sites.

Our Recommendation: Use the Tag Feature to Sort Updates First

Another handy feature of the new Update Summary Bar is the ability to sort updates by site tags.

Updating all available updates at once on multiple WordPress sites is probably bad practice (if an update breaks a site, you may not know it immediately), but being able to filter those sites down to just a few updates isn’t as dangerous.  This gives users the one-click they wanted, but helps them do it in a safer way.

Expand the “Filter Site List” menu at the top of the site list. From this menu, you can select to filter the sites by your tags.

The Update Summary Bar will automatically update to reflect the number of updates available for the sites with that specific tag.

Hiding the Update Summary Bar

If you prefer to close the Update Summary Bar, just use the arrow at the bottom to hide it . Sync will remember your preference the next time you login, but you can reopen the bar using the arrow again.

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