Enabling/Disabling Away Mode and Releasing Lockouts From Sync

To take advantage of remotely controlling Away Mode for your site from the Sync dashboard, you’ll need to first make sure Away Mode is enabled within the iThemes Security plugin.

From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the iThemes Security Settings page. Use the navigation dropdown to jump to the Away Mode section.

In the Away Mode section, click the box to enable away mode. Customize your start and end times (for example, set your Away Mode times for 12:00am – 6:00am — times when you know you won’t be logging in to your site.)

Click Save All Changes. Now, when you log in to Sync, you’ll be able to control Away Mode remotely with an on/off toggle.

Releasing iThemes Security Lockouts from iThemes Sync

iThemes Security includes the ability to lock out specific IPs due to 404 Detection. 404 detection bans users who are hitting a large number of non-existent pages in a short period of time, an indiction that they’re scanning for something (presumably a vulnerability).

This setting is also helpful for protecting your site, but you may find yourself accidentally locked out of your site. Now, from Sync, you can release your iThemes Security lockouts remotely.

To activate 404 detection, visit the iThemes Security Settings page and navigate to the 404 Detection setting.

Click Enable 404 Detection to activate this setting and then Save All Changes.

Now, from your Sync Dashboard, you’ll be able to release 404 lockouts remotely from Sync.

From the individual site view, you’ll be able to see the IP addresses for any locked out users. To release this lockout, just click the Release button.


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