Installing Your Favorite Plugins from From Sync Dashboard

1. After logging in to the Sync dashboard, simply navigate to the Install page and scroll down to the Options section.

2. Select the tab.

3. To view your favorites, add your username and then click the View Favorites button.

4. You’ll then see a listing of all the plugins you’ve favorited from so you can quickly and easily install & activate any of the plugins on your synced sites.

How to Favorite Plugins from

1. If you aren’t already using the favorites feature from, you’ll need to first make sure you have a profile. You can use this directly link to register your profile on Complete this form with your info and complete your registration. (If you already have a registered account, you can log in here.)

2. Next, visit the plugins page to search for your favorite free plugins.

3. From the individual plugin page, click the Favorite “heart” beneath the download button.

4. That’s it! Just finish up adding the rest of your favorite plugins and Sync will then be able to pull in your favorites.

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