Automatically Tweet New WordPress Posts

With Social Sharing in Sync Pro:

  • You can tweet your latest posts immediately when a new post is published
  • You can also tweet your latest posts directly from the Sync Dashboard

Social Sharing in Sync Pro adds a new Social section to the Publish box in the WordPress Dashboard. If your Twitter handle is selected, new posts, pages and any other content type will be automatically tweeted from your account when you click the Publish button.

Sync Pro’s Social Sharing works with post scheduling, too.

If you schedule posts, the tweet will go out at the scheduled time of publish.

Tweet Latest Posts from the Sync Dashboard

Once you’ve authorized your Twitter account, you’ll see a list of your latest posts with an option to manually share the post to your Twitter account.

If you click the Share button, you’ll then see the modal where you can customize your tweet before sending.

How to Set Up Social Sharing in Sync Pro

  • From the site detail, you’ll see a new Social tab . Click on this tab.

  • Now, from the Social detail view, click Add New+

  • You’ll then be taken to the Authorize iThemes Sync to Use Your Account? page. Click Authorize App .

  • That’s it! Once you’ve authorized Sync to use your Twitter account, you’ll be returned back to the Sync dashboard with a success message that your Twitter account has been authenticated.

You’ll now see a list of your latest posts with the option to start sharing them.

Important Social Sharing Settings: Post by Default & Default Content

After you’ve authenticated your Twitter account from Sync, you’ll want to review two important social sharing settings: Post by Default and Default Content . Both of these settings are located in the Social tab below your list of latest posts.

The Post by Default Setting

This setting controls whether or not your Twitter handle is selected by default in the WordPress dashboard. Don’t want to automatically tweet posts without selecting your Twitter handle first? No problem. Just uncheck this setting.

Note that the Post by Default setting can be overridden for each post in the WordPress dashboard. If you don’t wish to tweet a post immediately when it’s published, simply uncheck the box next to your Twitter handle before clicking Publish.

Default Content Settings

This setting controls the default content/format of your posts sent via Sync. You can customize what’s included with a few template tags or any of your own custom content. This will be the content included in any of your automatic tweets (tweets sent upon any post published from the WordPress dashboard).

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