Advanced Product Options

iThemes Exchange allows you to create products quickly and easily. But sometimes you need more than just the basics, so Advanced Product Options help by offering additional ways to manage products.

The Advanced button is located at the bottom of the Add New Product screen. To reveal the options, click the button.

Extended Description

The Extended Description Option allows you to give more details about your product.

For instance, if you’re selling an album, you might list the name and length of each track here.

Download Expiration

The Download Expiration Option allows you to set the following download expirations:

  • Download Expiration – Applies expirations for when download links expire (in hours, days, weeks, months or years)
  • Download Limit – Limits how many times a customer can download the file(s)

For example, if you want customers to only have 2 days to download the product and the product can only be download 5 times, these expirations and limits can be created here.

Product Categories

To use the Product Categories Option, activate the Product Categories add-on from the Add-ons page.

Once the Product Categories add-on has been enabled, you’ll see Product Categories among your Advanced Options. You can then create and add categories for each of your products.

Product Tags

Like Product Categories, the Product Tags Option is active once the Product Tags add-on is enabled.

To activate the Product Tags Add-on, visit Exchange > Add-ons and click the Disabled button to enable.

Once the add-on has been enabled, you’ll see the Product Tags Option among your Advanced Options. You can then create and add tags for each of your products.

Product Slug

The Product Slug Option changes the URL slug of your product.

For example, if your product is named "Item 221b" but you want the url slug to be /my-super-product, you’d enter “my super product” as the new slug.

Purchase Message

The Purchase Message Option edits the email the customer will receive after the sale. Any text placed here will be appended to the receipt when this product is purchased.

For example, you can use this area to add special instructions, additional information or a thank you message.

Product Availability

The Product Availability Option determines when a product is available to purchase by allowing you to assign a start date and end date.

For example, if you want a song from an upcoming album to be available for individual purchase, but only for the week before the full album release, you’d use the Product Availability option to apply those settings.

Purchase Quantity

The Purchase Quantity Option allows you to set a maximum quantity a customer can select when purchasing the product.

For example, to allow your customer to only purchase 1 product, simply uncheck the box beside "Check this to allow customers to modify the quantity they want to purchase."

You can also enter the quantity you want your customer to be allowed to purchase in the empty space.

Product Inventory

The Product Inventory Option allows you to limit how many of products are sold in total, not to just one customer. This would be the option to use (in combination with the Purchase Quantity option) if you want a product to be available only to the first 100 customers.

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