Setting Up a PayPal Account

To create an account with PayPal, go to and select Sign Up.

On the next screen, you'll select whether you want to set up PayPal for personal use or for business/non-profit use.

For Personal Use

If you choose the Personal Use option, you'll start by entering your personal information.

Once you've entered your personal information, you'll decide if you want to link your PayPal Account to your bank account or to a debit/credit card.

Next, you'll need to confirm your bank account or card. You have two options for confirmation. One is to have them call you with a confirmation code and is done instantly. The other option is for them to make small deposits into your account and will take 2-3 days for confirmation to complete.

Once you have confirmed your account, the set up of your account is complete and you'll be taken to your account page.

For Business/Non-Profit Use

If you chose the Business/Non-Profit plan, you'll first need to pick the Payment Solution that works best for you. (For the purposes of this forum, we'll be going through the Standard Payment Solution.)

Once you've selected your Payment Solution, you'll next either create a new PayPal account or log in to your current account (we'll be going through the option to create a new account).

First, you'll select the location of your business and the language you'd prefer to use.

Next, you'll select your business type, enter the email address you'd like to use, create a password and set up your security questions.

Next, you'll provide PayPal with your business information.

Once you've finished entering your business information, you'll click the Agree and Continue button at the bottom of the page and your business account is set up!

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