The General Settings in iThemes Exchange encompass the basic setup of your store.

The first portion of your General settings is your Company Details. Here you’ll enter your company name, tax ID number, the email address at which you’d like to receive emails from your store, the company contact phone number and the company address.

After the Company Details section are the Store Settings which allow you to control the order that products appear on your Store page.

Next are your Currency Settings where you’ll decide the default currency to be used, the symbol position (where you’d like the dollar sign to appear), the symbol to use to separate thousand and the symbol to use to separate the change.

After that are your Customer Registration Settings (whether your customers will register through Exchange or WordPress) and the Stylesheet Settings that shows where your stylesheets will be.

Then you'll find the Product Gallery options, which you allows you to enable or disable the Product Gallery.

Last, you'll find your Customer Messages section which is the message your customers will see on their Account page.

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