Modify Default Redirects

The Modify Default Redirects Add-on is not available for individual purchase. It is included in the Exchange Pro Pack, Developer Suite or Toolkit.

The Modify Default Redirects add-on allows you to select where a customer is directed after they log in or register.

In the settings for the Modify Default Redirects add-on, you first select which Page Type you'd like to use for the following options:

  • Successful log-in from the Log-in
  • Successful log-in from the Checkout Page
  • Successful registration from the Registration
  • Successful registration from the Checkout Page

Note: Checkout page options will only show if you have the Multi-item cart add-on enabled. 

Based on the Page Type you select, you'll see a list of page or post options.

Once you select the page or post, save your settings and the user should now be redirected after successful log in/registration.

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