Support Rules

  • Support Hours - Support hours are 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday, Central Time (1 pm - 11 pm GMT). No support is provided nor guaranteed outside of those hours or on other days. Check out the current iThemes local day and time
  • Be Patient - Our moderators do their best to respond within 24 business hours and typically try to reply to the tickets in the order they are received. Please keep in mind, when you reply to your own tickets, it moves the ticket back to the top of the list as one of the more recently received so moderators will reply to "older" tickets first.
  • Search the Help Center - Please be sure to search the Help Center before posting your question. Oftentimes you will find your question and its solution.
  • Be Considerate - Please be considerate to the moderators. This is our way of providing support to those who are using iThemes products and we're happy to do it. However, please understand that our schedule is quite busy and we will do our best to answer the support questions as quickly as we can.
  • Priority - Remember that this is a support system and that we are here to help you diagnose things that may be wrong with your site or if there are any bugs in the code. We'll do our best to answer those questions that don't require major modification and testing, but our priority lies with people having immediate issues with our products.
  • Spamming - Spamming is not allowed and anything that resembles it will result in automatic deletion of your account and banning from support.
  • Language - Please refrain from using derogatory or vulgar language – this is designed to be a friendly resource for iThemes users and not a place where people are insulted.
  • Site Link - Please post a link to the site you are asking questions about or would like support on. It's much easier to diagnose something when we can see it. If you are developing on a local server, post a screenshot to show the problem.
  • One Question, One Ticket - Do not post several questions in one ticket. Please follow our "one question, one ticket" policy. Also, do not post the same question more than once.
  • Version Numbers - Please mention the version of the theme or plugin that your question relates to.
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