Tips for Creating a Ticket

  1. Read the Support Rules before posting.
  2. Read our ever-expanding Help Center, which is updated on a regular basis.
  3. Always post full required links, all required answers, AS MUCH INFORMATION AS YOU CAN, any LOG FILES, and detailed info w/screenshots.
  4. Always include FTP/cPanel/iThemes-Membership/WP-Admin login info AND links to each when asked to do so, by an iThemes moderator. If you miss any of the required information, we will have to reply to you to reply to us again with ALL the required info. Please include ALL info in ONE SINGLE message.
  5. Please post in the correct category. If you are not sure where to post or cannot find the appropriate category where you can post, post in any of the most relevant category you can see and also mention in your post that you're not sure where to post. We'll take care of it from there!
  6. Any free plugins are provided as is and no support is offered nor guaranteed in any manner. Check out our Free Plugins Policies.
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