Quick Release Updates

BackupBuddy supports what are termed Quick Release updates which, by default, are not notified in the WordPress plugin admin.

These updates may contain, for example, minor enhancements to address particular Customer issues or small updates to existing functionality that may introduce additional options. There is never any particular requirement to install such updates and all additions will be available in the next notified update.

If you are having a problem you may choose to try updating to the very latest version in case it may address your problem or you simply may want to choose to always have the latest version. On the Licensing page, you can select to have Quick Releases notified to you through the WordPress plugin admin which you may either do permanently or temporarily simply to be able to make the update using the WordPress automatic update—you can always update using the manual method. Customers with multiple sites may choose to have one site where Quick Releases are permanently notified and this site can be used as a test site to evaluate if any of the incremental updates may be helpful at the current time.

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