Import/Export iThemes Security Settings From Sync -Pro

Now you can import/export your iThemes Security Pro settings from site to site remotely from the Sync dashboard. This feature is really helpful if you develop websites with similar custom configurations. Now you no longer have to set up the iThemes Security plugin by hand if you’ve already done so on another site. Simply import/export settings from the Sync dashboard.

import/export iThemes Security settings

1. Make sure you’re running the latest versions of iThemes Security Pro (3.9.0) and the iThemes Sync plugin (2.0).

2. Login to your Sync dashboard.

3. Click on any site in your dashboard home screen to expand the individual site view.

sync individual site view

4. From the Individual Site view, click the “Security” icon.

Sync Security tab

5. Click the “Import/Export” tab on the left side of the Security screen.

Sync iThemes Security

6. Click the “Export Security Settings from this site” button. Sync will then ask you to name the settings export file.

Name export file

7. Once the export finishes, you’ll see it in your list of Import Settings.

8. Switch to any site in your Sync dashboard running iThemes Security Pro. You can then import the settings file to that site.
import iThemes Security settings

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